AS Tracking for Year 13

If you are in Y13 at a school using AS Tracking, you will soon be able to use USTEER, a new app allowing school leavers to own their AS Tracking journey.

At school, AS Tracking helped your teachers signpost you. Now you are leaving, you will discover how AS Tracking can help signpost your choices on own road ahead.

Teachers don't share AS Tracking data with their pupils before they are ready. By the age of 18, we believe a young person will have developed the maturity reflect on, understand, and use their own AS Tracking data.

That's why we give guidance to schools to share their AS Tracking data with their pupils in Y13 but not before. If you have reached this age, you can ask your school for the opportunity to discuss your past AS Tracking journey. Your teacher may use a new app we are launching, called USTEER.

USTEER helps a young person understand how they have developed their own pattern of emotional and social thinking during their career at school. We call this 'how they steer' the road in front of them- whether that is in managing their own emotions, their interactions, their relationships and their work.

Now you are leaving school, you can use this understanding to look ahead and prepare to steer the road ahead. It's a road you will be steering independently, without the road signs and guidance of teachers. Whether the road is at a university, or in work, it will involve you learning about how to navigate, adjust and steer through many new situations, challenges and opportunities.

"USTEER can help you plan and prepare for that exciting road ahead. If your school uses AS Tracking and you are in Y13, ask to talk to your teacher about it today."

Senior Y13 Tutor, 21 years experience