STEER supports parents

STEER signposts children to steer the road of adolescence through technologies like AS Tracking. Whilst these are used by schools, parents benefit from them too.

Our daughter did AS Tracking last term and has recently been going through a difficult time. Her tutor had said that her AS tracking results flagged up issues with "trust in the school" and has since been gently challenging her on this in their pastoral tutor time together. With her permission I was able to talk to him about her feelings, which she had avoided doing. He read me the list of presenting signs of children who had problems disclosing their feelings in their school environment, and it matched exactly some of her behaviours at school and home. I found this so insightful and helpful and as well as reassuring. I feel that thanks to this "alert" we are able to better work with the school to help her and I am so impressed by the preemptive aspect of AS Tracking. It is fantastic!

Parent & counsellor

AS Tracking is a pioneering approach to supporting pupils' healthy social and emotional development in school.

Schools usually know their children well. But they can only know what children make visible to them. Some children might be struggling in some way but may not tell an adult, or even show that struggle in their behaviour around schools.

AS Tracking adds a fourth piece to a school's pastoral care jigsaw. It doesn't replace the three pieces of a teacher's professional judgement, listening to parents and to their pupils. But it does makes visible hidden patterns of thinking developing in the mind of the child, which may otherwise not be picked up by those other three pieces.

These 2 minute animations explain how AS Tracking supports pupils and equips teachers:

When a school chooses to use AS Tracking they will do so after careful research.

'AS Tracking identifies children’s social-emotional needs early, guiding supportive, in-school intervention by teachers. Teachers use small, subtle, low level strategies to help individual children develop more rounded, healthier patterns of thinking.'

Dr Frank O’Kelly, school doctor, GP

Your school will have investigated a range of options to support pupils' wellbeing before settling on STEER's AS Tracking. As part of that decision, they will have looked at STEER's reputation, its research basis, its responsible approach and its reliable track record.

One of the most important features of AS Tracking that school's value is that it is not a profiling tool. It does not label a child with a label that cannot change and may limit them.

We say that AS Tracking shows a school where a child is on their journey, not who the child is.

Like you, your child's wellbeing is our top priority.

It's important to know that STEER now works to safeguard nearly 20,000 children across more than 60 leading independent schools in the UK. That's probably more than 10,000 families. STEER was founded by the parents of one of those families, Dr Simon and Dr Jo Walker. Like every other parent in the country they were concerned to help their own children steer the road of adolescence.

Dr Frank O'Kelly, STEER's Clinical Lead who is a GP of 30 years, a school doctor and a father of five, explains why you should feel reassured about AS Tracking.

“AS Tracking action plans are likely to achieve strong health and I suspect educational outcomes for the child for two reasons. Firstly they equip teachers, who know the child best, to act rather than relying on external professionals, who do not know the child and are only temporarily available. Secondly they are put in place within the school environment, so that the child is supported within the context of their class, tutor and peer group.”


STEER invests in supporting parents and children across the UK.

STEER has developed a specialist web site, STEERING PARENTS, for parents to teach families how to adopt the same signposts that schools use with AS Tracking, in the home. Please visit our site and download any of our free resources AT STEERING PARENTS

STEER also sponsors the children in the SpringBoard Bursary/ RCNF Programme, which places & funds children from urban contexts into boarding schools to give them new educational opportunities. STEER is seen as a trusted provider by schools and parents across the country.

“I wonder whether you have heard about AS Tracking? My daughter had a particularly challenging time at school and I'm sure would have benefited enormously if our school had had this sort of pastoral care system in place. As you will see, these schools are using AS Tracking to detect pastoral care issues before they happen. Having just watched an introduction it seems to me to be enormously empowering for both teachers and parents.”

Parent writing to school Head

Further information

Your school will be able to provide you with a document answering in detail many of the FAQs parents might ask about AS Tracking. We have also put some of answers these on the Guidance schools give to parents page. You will find that many questions you might have about data protection, use of the data, how the tool was developed, and how the data will be used are answered in these FAQs.