AS Tracking

Why is AS Tracking different to other tools?

There are an increasing number of tools available to support mental health in schools.

So why is AS Tracking different?

Schools these days are able to buy a range of pastoral tools. Here's a table explaining the differences between the types of tools available.

All the available tools have a different purpose.

It's important to pick the right one for the task. Let's illustrate this through some pupil stories...

Saddiq is in Y11 and has been referred to a counsellor. The counsellor might use the SDQ to inform the right support to give Saddiq.

Hannah is in Y5 and on the safeguarding register. Her specialist case worker might use Boxall to bring the voices of her teachers, parent and other adults together to inform support for Hannah.

Mrs Dunn is Head of Y7. In November, she wants to understand her new Y7 pupils' attitudes to the school's teaching now they are at secondary school. Mrs Dunn might use PASS to help her teachers understand the current engagement of their pupils.

What does a school use AS Tracking for?

Schools use AS Tracking proactively, to screen and track all pupils, not just those already identified with a need.

AS Tracking provides earlier, more accurate screening data than other pupil survey tools by measuring a pupil's steering biases to reveal hidden risks in pupils' social-emotional development. The result of this is that AS Tracking can give a school unprecedented, accurate, early signals about which pupils to help, and how to help them....

What's the advantage of measuring 'steering biases'?

You can read about why measuring steering, as opposed to questionnaires based on pupils' self-perception, is so effective here.....

Let's illustrate how this might help Milly, who is in Y10...

Like many Y10 girls, Milly hides her thoughts and feelings.

She deflects when her tutor asks her how she is, and fakes the school's pupil wellbeing survey. AS Tracking will help elicit Milly's real, hidden voice, so she can get the help she needs early enough.

Like many pupils, Milly has different risks inside and outside school...

Milly's parents don't tell the school they have recently split up. But AS Tracking provides a rounded picture of how Milly steers both inside school and outside. Without asking any private, intrusive questions that parents might be unhappy with, AS Tracking flags a concern in Milly's steering outside school which guides the school to start an important conversation with her parents.

Milly is coping with her family breakdown...

Every child responds to family breakdown differently. So Milly's tutor needs specific guidance to know how to support Milly at this time. AS Tracking directs and scaffolds her tutor in how to use his own professional expertise to support Milly, using the every-day opportunities and activities of the school day.

Milly will soon be leaving school...

She will need to manage independent life, study and work without the signposts of school. Milly will be given a special App, called USTEER, in Y12 which will prepare her to steer the road beyond school. It will use the data from AS Tracking to give her specific guidance and support as she makes that transition.

Does AS Tracking work?

At STEER, we are not afraid of evidence. We want you to know whether AS Tracking is making an impact. So, we build in tools to show you exactly how much of a positive impact your targeted actions guided by AS Tracking, are having compared to your other school practices. You can see for yourself by the results whether AS Tracking is worth it...

AS Tracking is the only school tool available in the UK to provide this direct evidence to schools.

So does AS Tracking make a difference to pupil wellbeing risks?

Data from 30 schools over two years, involving 1,000s of pupils and 100s of teachers, shows that 8/10 of identified ‘priority’ pupils show improvements when supported by AS Tracking action plans, compared to around 5/10 priority pupils who are not supported by AS Tracking action plans.

This data evidences that there is a large and signficant positive difference in the wellbeing outcomes and mental health risks for pupils supported by AS Tracking.

Ultimately, AS Tracking is about results; reducing the mental health risks and improving the resilience of Milly, Sadiq, Hannah and pupils like them. It's also about results for teachers like Mrs Dunn who want to know how their school can be the best signposted, most scaffolding learning environment for their pupils.

We are confident you will find the same when you launch AS Tracking... But please don't take our word for it...

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