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Why is AS Tracking different to other tools?

There are an increasing number of tools available to support mental health in schools, so why is AS Tracking different?

...for teachers

...for pupils

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Schools these days are able to buy a range of pastoral tools. Let's start with what AS Tracking is not.

- AS Tracking is not a pastoral tracking system through which staff can log and monitor pupils' welfare factors and events.

- AS Tracking is not a welfare survey or questionnaire to obtain an overview of school wellbeing.

- AS Tracking is not a clinical diagnostic used by clinicians once a pupil has been referred, to identify a specific disorder.

So what is AS Tracking?

AS Tracking is a pioneering tool which detects early, hidden risks in pupils' social-emotional development. It is a whole-school screening tool that tracks every child's development from 8-university, and then provides targeted, individualised guidance for teachers, to reduce the risks emerging for any pupil.

Here are five unique benefits it makes available to schools:

ONE: Detecting the signal from the noise.

Pupil wellbeing assessments use direct questions which rely on the accuracy of pupil self-perception and willingness to disclose. When used for whole-school screening, these techniques provide low predictive validity- correlations of around 0.4 with actual risks, where publishers provide such data. Most of the data is therefore noise not signal.

AS Tracking uses a different science, based on measuring student biases which provides accuracy of up to 0.8- a published figure. In a world swamped with data, many schools want better data not more data

TWO: AS Tracking detects hidden social-emotional risks.

Some assessments measure a wide range of pupil engagement factors. AS Tracking is designed to identify pupils’ social-emotional emerging risks which are as yet hidden from both the teacher and often the pupil. It is frequently described as ‘oracular’ or ‘predictive’ by teachers.

AS Tracking is the telescope to spot a pupil’s future concerns, compared to the wide angled lens of surveys about pupil engagement. We believe AS Tracking is uniquely predictive and far sighted.

Three: Schools are investing in consistent cross-school teacher CPD when they adopt AS Tracking.

AS Tracking equips and informs teachers to understand the underlying psychological causes driving a pupil’s risks; it also equips them to act with low level, achievable in-school pastoral signposts. AS Tracking is often cited for inspection as a bedrock of pastoral CPD.

As far as we know, no other tool provides a language, material or levers by which to structure & train teachers to become better pastoral carers. AS Tracking is an investment in upskilling your teaching body to a consistent, measurable level of skill in order to drive school improvement.

Four: Schools can objectively know what impact AS Tracking is having.

The AST action plan approach is both anecdotally and empirically effective. Data from 30 schools over two years, shows that 80% of ‘priority’ pupils show improvements when supported by AS Tracking action plans, compared to just 47% of the same priority pupils who show improvements when not.

Because AS Tracking can evidence every 6 months the impact of its targeted school signposting, Heads are able to know that they investment is actually bearing results.

As far as we know, no other tool provides targeted, effective signposting strategies, nor any data about whether such strategies are making an impact if used.

Ultimately, AS Tracking is about changing and improving school practice, and having the evidence to show that you have done so.

Five: Pupils’ are building their own personal asset through AS Tracking, which will support them beyond their current school.

STEER curates a pupil’s AS T journey from the age of 8-18, passing it from one school to the next, supporting transition. In their final year of school, it becomes the child’s in the form of the USTEER app, to help them steer at university and beyond. AS Tracking provides a unique fourth piece of the school pastoral care jigsaw, supporting professional judgement, parent and pupil feedback.

As far as we know, build this personal asset for life beyond school is unique to AS Tracking.

Other tools provide data which is used for a few years of schooling; but AS Tracking records the story of a child’s development from 8-18 and equips them to steer the road of life beyond school